Troy Film Review

Topics: Troy, Helen, Iliad Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Troy. Good or Bust.
Throughout time, men have waged war, some for power, some for glory, some for honor and some for love. In ancient Greece, the passion of two of history’s most legendary lovers Paris, Prince of Troy and Helen, Queen of Sparta, ignites a war that will devastate a civilization. When Paris steals Helen away from her husband, King of Menelaus, it is an insult that cannot be suffered. Familial pride dictates that an affront to Menelaus is an affront to his brother. Agamemnon, the powerful King of the Mycenaean’s, who soon unites all the massive tribes of Greece to steal Helen back from Troy in defense of his brother’s honor. This action packed movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat up until the end credits roll. Homers sprawling tale of love and war in ancient Greece comes to the screen in all its grandeur in this epic scale adventure. In 1193 B.C., Paris, Prince of Troy (Orlando Bloom), has fallen in love; however, the beautiful woman who has charmed him is Helen, Queen of Sparta (Diane Kruger), who is wed to King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson). While Helen is hardly immune to Paris' charms, this doesn't blunt Menelaus' fury when Paris steals her away from him. Menelaus' brother Agamemnon (Brian Cox), the power-hungry king of the Mycenaean’s, is eager to expand his empire through Troy to the lands of the Aegean Sea, and he uses Paris' romantic slight against Menelaus as an excuse to wage an all-out war against the great walled city. Priam, King of Troy (Peter O'Toole), summons his armies, led by Prince Hector (Eric Bana), to meet the onslaught of Agamemnon's forces. While the great city has yet to yield in a battle, Agamemnon has a formidable ally Achilles (Brad Pitt), a mighty and seemingly unstoppable warrior whose presence could tip the scales in Agamemnon's favor.

Peter Rainer of the New York Times says, “The actors are forever striking classical poses, trying to memorialize the drama. But you can’t force this kind of...

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