Troublesome Listening Barriers

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: January 17, 2012

Troublesome Listening Barriers

I believe that both males and females are subject to all forms of listening barriers. Especially since each person has a listening style that they work best with when taking in information. However, both males and females do face different listening barriers regardless of their listening style. The listening barriers that are the biggest challenge for men to overcome would be information overload, external noise and unchecked emotions. With the information overload barrier the male is overwhelmed by the amount of information that the other party is conveying. This can be seen by a wife that is telling her husband every single detail of her day instead of a recap of what her day consisted of. The wife provided an abundance of irrelevant information and overloaded her spouse with details that were not necessary. The external noise barrier stems from there being other distractions that the man is trying to focus on as he participates in the communication. Men are focused on other noises that are taking place around them. They may only be hearing a portion of what is being expressed by the party they are interacting with. A male that is trying to focus on the football game while having a conversation would be an example of this. The last barrier would be the unchecked emotions. Most men tend not to express their emotions openly. This prevents them from a healthy outlet to manage their feelings. When there are unresolved emotions the individual is not able to take in information that does not have a bias. Based on how they personally feel towards the subject matter they may tune out information based upon the unchecked emotions. The listening barriers that are the most challenging for women would be shifting attention and external noise. The listening barrier dealing with shifting attention occurs since women are known for multi tasking. This concept requires that the person listening...
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