Trouble Maker

Topics: Teacher, Primary school, Elementary school Pages: 2 (987 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The transition from one level of schooling to the next is very hard for me the first year. In my life the hardest was from elementary school to middle. In Florida fifth grade was technically the end of elementary school, but my elementary school was a magnet school so it ended at 6th grade which I thought was the worst idea. The same year I began seventh grade is the same year I moved to a different city because of the city I moved into I thought school was going to be piece of cake. But little did I know that I had a rough road ahead of me. This mentality was the wrong one to start off with because not only did I have to focus on school, I also had to make new friends. Those two tasks got twisted in my head and caused the problem to happen in the first place. Once school started I began the year strong with my homework and project done on time. But because the teachers and my parents were so lenient with school I decided to do a little procrastinating. This became a drug to me. I couldn’t stop. The freedom felt too good. Half way through the semester grades started to drop tremendously without warning and teachers would pull me aside and let me know if I kept up the behavior I would be in jeopardy of failing the class. But instead of telling my parents or even completing the makeup work I decided to go out and make friends. After all of this my parents didn’t even know what was going on. For me, being in elementary school for so long, being popular was the most important thing portrayed in middle school. I began to drift away to what I had to get done which was my homework that was going to save me. I got caught up in this group of people I thought was my friends at the time. Now that popularity was going to come into the equation homework had just made its exit. Little did I know that these kids were known for their troubled acts throughout the city. Me being new there didn’t help either. All I was interested in was the popularity and the perks that come with...
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