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People in the tropical

By Ellys Devlin
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The map above shows the location of the world’s rainforests. From the tropical to Amazonian rainforests. There are 46.00 rainforests in the world and most of them are falling to nothing. There are rainforests spread all around the earth most on the equator rejoin. Rainforests can be found in Madagascar, Africa, South America, South Central America, Australia and south Asia. The largest rainforests are in the Amazonian river. Rainforests cover only a small part of the earth’s surface (Around 6%). Over half the species of plants and animals in the world live in the rainforests.

1. contends
2. introduction
3. map
4. what a rainforest is
5. houses the people live in
6. food/farming/hunting
7. clothes
8. traditions
9. climate/weather
10. Medicine from the plants
11. Threats to the rainforest
12. Conclusion
13. Bibliography
14. Thanks


Hello my name is Ellys Devlin and for my chosen topic of rainforest I chose the Kaiapo Indians in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest The lesion Why I chose this rainforest in particular is because when I looked at all the other rainforests I had herd of them before and then I seen this one I never knew it excited, so I thought I would learn about the rainforest but most importantly the people and the way they live in the rainforest . If the still lived the way they did back in the 15th-19th century or are they more modern now.

What a rainforest is

A tropical rainforest is a place found roughly around 25 degrees north of the equator. The rainforest is divided into five different layers, each with different plants and animals, adapted for life in the particular area. These are: the ground layer, the shrub layer, the under storey layer and the emergent layer. Only the emergent layer is unique to tropical rainforests, while the others are also found in temperate rainforests. The emergent layer contains a small number of very large trees witch grow above the canopy layers, reaching heights of 45-55 m, sometimes the few species will grow up to 70m or 80m tall. Tropical rainforest have existed on the planet earth for hundreds of millions of years.


Houses the rainforest people live in

The houses in the rain forest are made out of forest materials such as palm leaves, trees and clay. They often are built on stilts for protection from mud, rain and animals. There beds are usually hammocks or sleeping mats. The houses don’t have floors just dry mud. Different house (huts) are usually separated at the edge of the village edge of the village. These huts are usually used for cooking and community meetings. Rainforest people sometimes live with all there family members under one roof called communal houses. This can sometimes have hundreds of people living in it at once.

This is a day to day rainforest house that a number of 10 family members will live and sleep in


Hunting- Most rainforest people hunt or fish in the forest to feed there families. They use or used blowpipes. They use fishing spears and use bow and arrows to hunt birds, monkeys, rodents and fish. Rainforest people are hunter gathers witch means they move from place to place to find food. Many forest people believe the animals have a sprit which will be angered is the animal is killed cruelly or for the wrong purpose. Killing animals is there for done with respect following the customs of the tribe.

Farming- They collet avocados, mangos, pineapples, nuts and honey from the forest. Sometimes they even collect insects such as caterpillars, grubs...
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