Tropical Cyclone and Galveston Tribune Galveston

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john banks
US History 1302
Mr. Owens
1. A. The title of the book I chose is Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History B. The author of this novel is Erik Larson
C. This book was first published in 1945 by The Pelican Publishing Company D. This book is about the horrible hurricane of September 8, 1900 on Galveston Texas that destroyed the entire city. The story is written through the eyes of a local meteorologist named Isaac Cline who studies everything about weather and knows just about everything. The storm wipes out the entire city of Galveston Texas, but Isaac would save thousands of people in his actions before the storm. He is faced with multiple challenges throughout the story and many mysteries that he tries to solve about the weather that would hit the coast of Texas. 2. The Introduction in this novel is a foreshadow to the night of September 7, 1900 when Isaac can’t sleep all night because he knows something bad is coming. On a regular night Isaac Cline would sleep like a baby and not make a peep, but on the night of the 7th Isaac is stuck wandering all night. He can’t stop thinking about all the research and data he has taken that makes him realize a huge storm is coming. He is stuck in a bind and it turns out his arrogance would hurt a lot of people. He doesn’t sleep the whole night and the next day his life is turned upside down. 3. In this story the author try’s to show that people’s arrogance can lead to very bad things. Isaac Cline works for the U.S. Weather Bureau in Galveston, Texas. Isaac believes he knows everything about the weather and tends to be a little cocky through his work. This arrogance will later be a huge mistake in not only his life, but thousands of others. His arrogance makes him not listen to many people and not take in to consideration what was actually happening out on the sea. When he finally realizes it it’s too late and the city of Galveston pays the ultimate price. 4. A. Part 1: The law of storms: “An Absurd Delusion” B. This chapter is about how people believe Galveston needs to put up a wall around Galveston to protect is from future hurricanes. Everyone is scared that if a hurricane came it would wipe out the entire city. It turns out that Isaac wrote a New York Times article in 1891 in which he said “Galveston would be completely unharmed with no wall because all the water would go around and into the lower sea level lands around Galveston and not actually effect the city.” C. In this chapter the author is trying to show the reader that Isaac’s book would soon be a big part in the making of the wall in Galveston, Texas. In Isaac’s article he stated that everything would be fine do to his calculations and he had no doubt that he wasn’t right. The author proves that Isaac is too arrogant in this chapter because all the people of Galveston believed they needed a wall, but Isaac’s article in the New York Times resolved that issue and no wall was ever built. D. The author convinces me that his main idea is right because he uses the people of Galveston, who wanted to put up a wall, to show how those people really felt. Then just as people believed they would be fine because of what Isaac said the whole town is then attacked by an enormous hurricane. This shows me that if it wasn’t for Isaac being really cocky about his knowing’s then maybe they would have built a wall and a lot more people would have lived. E. One way the Author could have made his main idea more convincing was putting more evidence of Isaac’s letter in the book. This way you could really see how arrogant he really was and more of Isaac’s tone in his article. F.”West India Hurricanes” Galveston News, July 16, 1891

G. Tropical Cyclones. New York: Macmillan, 1926.
A. Part 3: Spectacle: A Gathering of Toads
B. This chapter is right at the beginning of the storm when the wings are starting to pick up and huge waves are beginning to crash down on the...
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