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TroniXkart ( is one of the virtual stores where you can select, compare, analyse and buy electronic modules, break-outs and components for making your project, a successful one. An online store which sell supporting products like small battery to large electronic equipments. It mainly sells bits and pieces of electronics equipment and makes it available to the consumers at a reasonable price and high quality. TroniXkart is component & development tools sourcing division of Hogst Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. With its international tie up with global companies like Sparkfun, Seeedstudio etc, items with international standards is being sold in TroniXkart. Also local items, with Indian standards suitable for Indian work environment is sold after careful testing and benchmarking the reliability.

We focus and help the creative minds to come up with an innovative idea, for the completion of their dream projects. Beat it robotics, wireless sensors, digital storage devices, anything can be bought through the site. It has got so many features which gives an edge over upon the competitors. The reviews of products by past customer play an important role in selecting the right equipment. TroniXkart updates the reviews, new arrivals, competitive products reviews, which help the customers to grab the product without making much ambiguity. Another feature of TroniXkart is the shipping & returns policy, which makes it available the right products ordered at the right time and at the right place. Bangalore based office unit and warehouse takes care of the delivery and after sale service of TroniXkart.

Another attractive feature of TroniXkart is the gift coupons given to the loyal customers. This makes sure that the customers are served properly even after the post purchase stage. Gift coupons provide the chance of getting the products less than...
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