Trolling Effects on Social Media

Topics: Sociology, Troll, Internet forum Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Ryan Labruzzo9/12/2012
Trolls Effects on Social Media
Trolling is a social interaction that almost never occurs anywhere except in social media discussion. Trolling has only just been around since the invention of the internet. It is the actions where a person tries to force someone else to respond to them, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, or by emotional attacks. Although it is not always clear why a person does this in first place. Trolling distances it from bullying because trolling main focused is getting attention rather than empowerment. The anonymous quality of the internet allows for trolling to ruin social media. Trolling hurts social interactions online emotionally and mentally. In my own life I have encountered such behavior in online video gaming. I was playing a competitive game where sixteen other people were split into two teams. We were able to communicate to each other through a microphone. Although everyone had microphones, nearly no one ever used them. When the chance came when people playing the game used them, the conversation was never focused on the game itself. It was either directed at someone personally, a team, or just everyone playing. They would insult, taunt, ask stupid questions, start talking about something totally off topic, or sometimes just blare music really loud. All of this too made playing the game very irritating and annoying. Some people were offended so much that they would leave in middle of the game. This would in turn make the teams uneven and less enjoyable to the point that everyone would leave the game. It makes you wonder, what is the incentive for this kind of action? You could come up with a couple of different ideas for that. The individual is doing it to distract the other team and get an upper hand. Maybe to get revenge on a player in a previous game, or just for the twisted tormented enjoyment of it. In the real world, it is seldom to find a person behave in this type...
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