Trojan War

Topics: Homer, Troy, Heinrich Schliemann Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: October 7, 2011
Did the Trojan War ever occur? This is a common question that cultivates debate among many historians around the world. Although some research and studies may display the war as a myth, stronger physical evidence proves otherwise. Through Heinrich Schliemann, an archaeologist, and other valued archaeologists, the work of a poet named Homer, who revealed the great mystery of the Trojan War, was discovered. Homer’s literary evidence, as well as linguistic and historic evidence from the Homeric Greek language and the Hittite documentary strongly supports the existence of the Trojan War. This complex area of study has aroused and captivated researchers and historians. The location of the Trojan War, the city of Troy is an important setting to Greek culture because it outlines the way a city and civilization should operate.   The Trojan War continues to be a topic of hot debate in the historical community but with ongoing discoveries and research it is evident that Homers poems may in fact hold truth as well as important life lessons that continue to shape society. The Trojan War has been and still is a mystery to many historians, archaeologists and Greek believers around the globe. It is a story that has segregated the believers of its existence, to its non-believers. Generally, a story consists of acts and events that deliver meaningful messages and morals to its audience. The components of the story are what determines its reality and whether those events truly existed or not. The themes in the story of the Trojan War include love, battle and vengeance; the key components and recipe that make a story so great and interesting. However, the sophisticated portion of the Trojan War is the debate and dispute of its historical existence based on these components. Although portions of the story of the war may appear unrealistic or fantasized, literature, linguistic and historical evidence strongly support the existence of the Trojan War.

Homer’s literary, linguistic...
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