Trojan Condoms

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Customer Service Marketing Assignment #1

Customer Service Marketing
Section 3
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Elizabeth Stewart

Part 1
For this assignment I have selected The Church & Dwight Company and their product Trojan condoms. This company has segmented the market for Trojan condoms using many bases of segmentation. Demographics

* Males and females
* Ages 15-50
* Religion
* Wants and Needs
* Developing countries
* Under developed countries
* Developed countries
* Awareness
* Health Concerns
* Choice of Partner
Benefits Sought
* No Pregnancy
* No Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The primary target market for Trojan condoms is males ages 15-30. The secondary target market for Trojan condoms is anyone who is sexually active. Part 2
The Church & Dwight Company has used all of the 4P’s in the marketing mix to reach out to male 16-30 and anyone sexually active with Trojan Condoms. Product
Trojan condoms are a shopping type of consumer product. This is because you often find people add them to their list of things to buy because they know how many they have or if they have run out. Couples often will go out and find a specific type of Trojan condom that they together due to the different features of Trojan condoms. You could also argue that Trojan condoms are a convince type of consumer product. You can pick up a 3 pack almost anywhere just in case you need one spur of the moment. Tangibles

Trojan condoms are packaged in brightly coloured eye catching boxes.

Materials * Latex * Polyurethane (Supra) * Lamb Skin| Fit * Regular * Large (Magnum) * Extra Large ( XL Magnum)| Flavours * Mint Tingle * Sparkling Vanilla Gold * Tantalizing Tutti-Frutti| Design|

Standard * Lubricated * Spermicidal * Non- Lubricated * Extended Pleasure * Ultra thin latex| Mutual Stimulations * Her Pleasure *...
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