Triumph of The Nerds

Topics: Graphical user interface, Steve Jobs, Personal computer / Pages: 4 (855 words) / Published: Sep 28th, 2014
Akshay Jain
Professor Susan Hubbard
Computer’s Impact on Society
11 September 2014

The Blunders of Computer Giants historically affected their Economy.
The remarkable contribution and digital competition between the computer giants historically affected the economy of the world wide industry. The inception of an innovation, aimed at proliferating the productivity of the contemporary technology on a global scale, encouraged the nerds to establish digital empires that continue to thrive today. Computer Giants contributed in the economic boom, thereby increasing the employment, sales, and the commercial demand in the market. The crucial and the careless mistakes or simply ignorance; economically affected the Giants in negative way and the industry in positive ways.
The Xerox established Palo Alto Research Center(PARC) for the R & D of computing.
However the first GUI computer they made ‘ALTO’ was never sold to the public as it costs them around $10,000. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple who visited PARC, decided that GUI on a computer was more useful than a text-based interface. Then Apple I and Apple II were just another less interested computers as other computer giants including IBM were taking over economical stand. For an economic success, Steve Jobs introduced Apple Lisa with GUI as similar as Xerox Alto computer. It was sold with costs as high as $9,900 roughly. Commercially, it was not successfully due to high price and Apple suffered due to crucial mistake of making such a ornate interface. Apple was going through economical crisis and to overcome they need

Akshay!2 better ideas. One such was suggested by John Sculley, and then Apple Board decided to accept his ideas but without including Jobs. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. And later it proved to be a bigger mistake to do so, as the man behind the commercial success of Apple was not there to handle the struggling company. The act to create position in the

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