Tristan Bernard's I'M Going

Topics: Literature, The Reader, Plays Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 16, 2012
According to The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia literature is, “Words set apart in some way from ordinary everyday communication. In the ancient oral traditions, before stories and poems were written down, literature had a mainly public function - mythic and religious. As literary works came to be preserved in writing, and, eventually, printed, their role became more private, serving as a vehicle for the exploration and expression of emotion and the human situation.” Literature enables us to develop our minds analytically and promotes open minds. We can see the world through the eyes of different writers from different cultures and in turn learn to better handle certain scenarios in our own lives. It allows the reader to escape to a different world temporarily. In Tristan Bernard’s I’m Going!, it shines a light on an issue that is true with many couples all over the world and in all times. I liked it for the fact that is like a genre of comedies with a social message. This play is relatable to many people in the world. Unlike other works in our textbook, this play seems to have a specific issue that many couples relate to, lack of communication. In this paper, I will critique parts of this works using the reader’s response approach, the lacks of communication brought upon by the main characters and support it with evidence. I always understood the fact that we humans are essentially the same everywhere in the world. We have similar ambitions and dreams. We want and hope for mostly the same things for our families and us. I was intrigued by Bernard’s play, I’m Going! As it shows us clearly how not only couples dynamics are similar but even that most couples mistakes and arguments are similar as well. In this case, the lack of communication comes across in every point made by Henri and Jeanne. It shows us a satirical look on how communication should be effective and the misunderstandings that keep occurring with this couple. Their ineffective communication...
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