Trisha Broadbridge: Youth Leader and Tsunami Survivor

Topics: Leadership, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Management Pages: 11 (4641 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Young Australian of the Year 2006
Trisha Broadbridge
Youth Leader and Tsunami Survivor
1. Explain the type of powerbase the selected award winner utilises. Use examples to support your statements. Leadership and Power is closely linked, people tend to follow those who are powerful and because others follow, the person with power leads. Leadership is the position and function of a leader, a leader is a person who has the ability to lead, guide or direct a group. Power is defined as the ability to produce effects on others and the potential to influence others. Power base is the different forms of power that effect an individual’s leadership and success. The five power bases were identified by John French and Bertram Raven in 1959, the five bases of power are; Coercive, Reward, Legitimate, Referent, and Expert Power. 1. Legitimate – This comes from the belief that a person has the right to make demands, and expect compliance and obedience from others. This normally comes with a designated position. 2. Reward – This results from one person's ability to compensate another for compliance. Identifying and looking up to a powerful person that motivates people to conform to their wishes. 3. Expert – This stems from the ability to influence others because the position the individuals holds; being elected or appointed to expert control over a group. This is based on a person's superior skill and knowledge. This power is different from other forms of power because it emphasizes the power holder’s right to make demands with the expectation that the group member will obey. 4. Referent – This is the result of a person's perceived attractiveness, worthiness, and right to respect from others. This is the opposite of reward power, this power holds the ability to administer to administer a sense of personal acceptance or personal approval. This power is so strong enough that the power holder is often looked up to as a role model. 5. Coercive – This power derives from group members perceiving that a power holder possesses superior skills and abilities. Coercive power also comes from the belief that a person can punish others for noncompliance. Trisha Broadbridge the recipient of the Young Australian of the Year in 2006, was born 19 April 1981, she became known in Australia for surviving the Asian tsunami of 26 December 2004 in Thailand, in which her new husband Troy Broadbridge was killed. She is active in the Reach Foundation, an Australian organisation that promotes youth self-esteem. She is also the founder of the Reach Broadbridge Fund which she now manages part time. In 2005 she wrote and published Beyond the Wave, which chronicles her life prior to, during and after the tsunami. Trisha throughout her life has shown both great courage and leadership in all that she is part of and how she chooses to lives her life. Trisha Broadbridge utilises the Referent Power base, the referent power base is the ability to administer a sense of personal acceptance and approval towards certain individuals and groups. This type of power is strong enough that the referent power holder is looked up to as a role model this is often because they have certain traits such as admiration or charm. Trisha displays the referent power base through her ability to overcome obstacles in her life and achieve great success. She is the active in the Reach Foundation, she is a Youth leader and through that she helps young people with low self-esteem with problems that are often difficult to face. In the Reach foundations as a youth leader she is looked up to and admired by the people she has and the collages she has. This is proven through her recipient award Young Australian of the Year 2006. The recipient power bases is also demonstrated in her book Beyond the Wave about her life before and after the Tsunami, for example the people who purchase the book feel she...
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