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1. Why do consumers write reviews?
Most users were pleased with their hotel or travel experience, so they wanted to share them to others. On the contrary, some write review because they aren’t satisfied with hotel’s service or facilities and feel disappointed. A few want to have a conversation or take it as a shortcut to reach management. In summary, consumers write reviews because they feel that it is useful to get advice from the website and want to exchange useful information and experience with others. 2. Why is Tripadvisor appealing to consumers?

Tripadvisor displays detailed ,rich and relevant data for use by consumers in their travel planning.Tripadvisor can guarantee authenticity by examining all data entered to insure that no fraud data.A sophisticated algorithm is used to calculate the ranking taking into consideration the quantity, quality ,age of reviews and external data .So it provides unbiased information which win the trust of consumers. Potential consumer can use this vast pool of data to help evaluate alternatives during the consumer decision making process. This “world of mouth” information is perceived as being more vivid, easier to use and more trustworthy than marketer-provided information. 3. How would you measure how “engaged” people are with Tripadvisor? Can you suggest some “actionable” metrics that Tripadvisor might be using in how it interacts with its user base? There are several measures can evaluate how people “engaged”: * Registration date

* Log-in frequency
* Numbers of reviews ,photos or videos posted
* Update frequency of reviews, photos or videos.
* How long people remain activity status
* Ranking of reviews or photos
* Interactive with others on the forums
* Average days each user spend on TA
* Average time each user spend every log-in.
4. What do hotel owners and property managers feel about Tripadvisor? How does Tripadvisor manage to create the balance between consumers and...
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