Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Pro League Attendance

Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, Promotion and relegation, Tobago Pages: 10 (3573 words) Published: April 12, 2013
The success of any sport or for that matter any form of entertainment or recreational activity or endeavour, can more often than not be determined through the level of popularity of the product. One key form of measurement of the product would be through observation of attendance, or lack thereof, to the event in question. It stands to reason that the more a consumer is willing to partake in a product, the more popular it is and the inverse applies when consumers are less willing to partake in the product. Upon this foundation, it is recognised that more popular sports and events tend to have a large spectator following and attendance. The sport of football in particular being the most popular sport in the world based on number of fans and internet hits on sites dedicated to sports has a large following the world over. Trinidad and Tobago is no different as it is arguably the most popular sport in the twin isle republic based on number of participants with its only rival being the sport of cricket. However, observation of the spectator attendance at the games which occur in the Professional Football League of Trinidad and Tobago (TTProLeague) as compared to other footballing events internationally as well as historically in Trinidad and Tobago implies that attendance is low. The TT Pro League is a league made up of ten professional teams in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago who play each other in a series of games over a ten month period from April to February. Spectator attendance is vital to all sports as apart from the revenue stream created for the product there is also the atmosphere created by a full crowd that creates an energy and excitement to increase the value of the event for both participants and spectators alike. This aura has been referred to by many an athlete as being integral to performance on the field. As a result of the importance of this crowd attendance to the TT Pro League games, it was determined that research is required to properly evaluate why attendance at TT Pro League games are lower in comparison to spectator attendance at other football games. These games include those staged in Trinidad and Tobago prior to the existence of the TT Pro League, international matches played by the Men’s Senior National Team and spectator attendance at matches viewed on local television of professional football leagues from other countries. Through this research, it is expected that the factors influencing why citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are not attending TT Pro League Games would be determined. Upon the discovery and evaluation of these factors, it is hoped that the findings of this research would be used to correct these issues and contribute to increasing attendance at the games for the benefit of all stakeholders involved in the product and the sport in Trinidad and Tobago. To guide the research study two main questions formed the backbone of further hypothesis to be tested. The first question was to define the profile of a spectator of the TT Pro League in Trinidad and Tobago and as such what variables would be most crucial in determining their attendance at the games. Is it the level of financial standing or economic demographics of an individual? Is the location of the games in relation to the home of the spectator? Was it a question of ethnic background or the environment in which the individual was raised? Furthermore, does age, sex, gender or marital status play a role? The second question focused on the failings of the league as an organisation. With the understanding that the sport itself is popular it is implied that it is not the sport that is the problem but the organisation of the competition that may be affecting the product. With this in mind factors such as the quality of the players, teams and therefore the games could be the problem. Perhaps it is the location of the venues or accessibility to transport. Are factors such as marketing and advertising given sufficient...
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