Trinidad and Tobago

Topics: Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, Carnival Pages: 4 (1716 words) Published: October 3, 2005
Trinidad and Tobago
The beaches here give me a sense of what heaven would be like. As I walk in the pure white sand, I compare it to the white clouds of heaven. While looking out into the water, I cannot tell the where the Caribbean Sea begins and the clear blue sky ends. Continuing to walk along the beach I come across two tall palm trees that grow over each other, creating an arch; that is my gate to heaven. The ebb and flow of the small waves creates a soothing rhythm as I continue to walk the sandy clouds of my heaven. The laughter of the natives along tourists sparkles throughout the beach like I imagine the angels' chat with folks that have passed on. This is my heaven; this is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The idea of visiting Trinidad came while back home in Savannah. I was lounging around channel surfing when I came across a broadcast of a festival that most Caribbean islands participate in, Carnival. Being the party animal I am; I quickly began to search the internet for the island that had the biggest Carnival celebration. After an hour of searching the web, I eliminated island after island due to their overall cost for me to stay. The place that had the biggest bang for my buck was Trinidad and Tobago. I also found their official dates for Carnival, February 27th and 28th. But, I didn't go just by the information the internet gave me, I was able to talk to a native of the island. Brandi Tookes, my Trinidadian friend, said: During the Carnival Festival, Trinidad gives you a party atmosphere like no other in the world. There, you will see more of the everyday culture of the islanders. On the more traditional vacationer side, Tobago gives you the extreme tropical paradise with its beautiful beaches backed dropped with a chain of mountains, called Main Ridge, which are covered with rain forests. This is all Brandi had to say to confirm my decision to go to the island paradise. And what a good decision it was. The preparations...
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