Trigonometry: Mathematics and Theorem Pythagorean Theorem

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Real Life Applications of Trigonometry

A. Importance/Application of Trigonometry in General

Fields that use trigonometry or trigonometric functions include astronomy (especially for locating apparent positions of celestial objects, in which spherical trigonometry is essential) and hence navigation (on the oceans, in aircraft, and in space), music theory, acoustics, optics, analysis of financial markets, electronics, probability theory, statistics, biology, medical imaging (CAT scans and ultrasound), pharmacy, chemistry, number theory (and hence cryptology), seismology, meteorology, oceanography, many physical sciences, land surveying and geodesy, architecture, phonetics, economics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer graphics, cartography, crystallography and game development.

B. Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem can be use in the field of cartography, mapping out distances between two distinct points or locations. C. Special Right Triangle Theorem

Main use for the Special triangle theorems is on the field of architecture or engineering as well as geophysics.

D. Distance and Midpoint Formula

One of the main uses of the distance and midpoint theorem is on the field of optometry. It involves the calculation of the lenses curvature related to this medical field.

E. Angles and their Measure

Geography is one of the main uses for angles and measures.
F. Radian Measure

One of the primary uses of Radian Measure is on Military Science. Specifically, on Artillery targeting.

G. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

For the Exponential Theorem, one of its main uses is on the field of sociology, specifically on population computations, i.e. demographics, exponential decay. This is also use on the field of Finance specifically on the computation of compounded interests.

Logarithms can be used mainly on aerospace engineer...
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