Trifles: Murder and Mrs. Wright

Topics: Murder, Susan Glaspell, Frank Lloyd Wright Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Trifles Defense Critic Essay
A critic once said, “Trifles is a lousy play. By the third page we know who dun it, so there isn’t much reason to sit through the rest of the play.” This statement is a closed minded opinion. Susan Glaspell, the author of “Trifles”, does depict the murderer in this detective story but leaves the audience sitting in question of the motive for the mariticide. The play “Trifles” is an interesting and a great play because it offers questionable motives, the truth of the power between sexes, and has a historical impact.

A detective story is based on three points of view which are method, opportunity, and motive. The obvious murderer, Mrs. Wright, indicates her method for mariticide when she tells her neighboring farmer Mr. Hale, “He died of a rope around his neck” (Glaspell pg 1227). The opportunity for this madness was indicated when Mr. Wright was found dead in his bedroom. Mrs. Wright clearly strangled her husband in his sleep. The method and opportunity were presented but the method was mysterious. There were many clues that were discovered by the women which could depict different possible motives for murder. One possibility could be the dead bird that Mr. Wright had strangled. Mrs. Wright could have had a close bond with the bird considering that she never had any children, so when her husband strangled the bird to death she might have felt it necessary to do the same to him. Another argument could be that Mrs. Wright had a psychological problem going on. Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Wrights’ neighbor, described Mrs. Wright by saying, “She- come to think of it, she was like a bird herself- real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and- fluttery. How- she- did- change” (Glaspell pg 1233). Mrs. Wright was also in the choir and had an amazing voice. Her husband took her out of the choir and had her at home. With all these changes it could have created major psychological issues for her. Like the canary, they both were trapped, and by killing her...
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