Trident. Does the United Kingdom Need a Nuclear Deterrent?

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Submarine Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Trident. Does the United Kingdom need a nuclear deterrent?
טריידנט. האם בבריטניה צריך הרתעה גרעינית? "Трайдент". Ли Соединенное Королевство необходимость ядерного сдерживания? 三叉戟。英國是否需要核威懾力量?

These, are just some of the many languages that we could be speaking, if the UK did not have a deterrent. Nuclear weapons are generally frowned upon however should the United Kingdom be using Trident as a deterrent or not, considering the current political affairs in Korea and Afghanistan. China, Russia and the United States all have nuclear weapons, so, can we afford nuclear disarmament? I will be discussing the issues related to Trident and why even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki we still have weapons of mass destruction. Trident is the only nuclear weapon in the United Kingdoms weapons stockpile. It is a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) that is launched from nuclear powered submarines (SSBN). The United Kingdom has four nuclear submarines armed with the Trident missiles. Each submarine is limited to carrying eight missiles and forty warheads, due to the 2010 Strategic Defence Review. The Trident missile was first developed by Lockheed Martin Space Systems in the United States of America for the Cold War period, so why are we using technology from 1991? The reason being that the technology was so advanced, that it has not needed to be redeveloped. Trident works, as a machine and as a deterrent. The SNP want to cut the Trident programme as it will cost £100billion to replace, The Green Party also want to cut the programme because of the United Kingdoms current economic difficulties. Scottish Solidarity is also opposing Trident because of the economic climate. The coalition government however has realised that the United Kingdom needs a deterrent if it is to keep superiority over countries like France and Germany who have ever expanding military forces. The Royal Navy once had the largest navy by far, now it has the same number of ships as the German Navy and...

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