Trick or treat

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Trick or Treat
During the month of October children from all over the country pick out costumes, and prepare for one of the most popular holidays of the season. Halloween is a holiday where kids and teenagers get together and dress up as what ever they want. They get together with friends and go walking from door to door in neighborhoods all around asking for candy. As children become young adults they grow out of things they used to enjoy, and sometimes it could be a positive learning experience for them.

Every year when Halloween came around my friend’s and I would try and shop for the most unique Halloween costume we could find, and prepare ourselves for the adventurous night ahead. Our parents put together a trailer filled with hay and drove around our neighborhood stopping at every house with a porch light on so we could ring their doorbell, ask for candy, and say “Trick or treat”. They would hand us our candy, we returned with a “thank you”, and made our way to the next house. We rode around for hours talking about how full our candy bags were getting, and who would end up with the most by the end of the night. We would gossip about who had the same costume as us, and whose house was the scariest. We would have the best trick or treating experience and each year seemed to get better. Those cold nights, and hayrides seemed so exciting back then. The only night when our parents let us stay out past our 10 o’clock curfew was the best feeling ever. The thrill we had walking to every door because we would look over at the very still skeleton, or “stuffed” figure and not know if there was a person hiding behind the mask waiting to scare us or not. By the time we hit high school the trick or treating experience wasn’t the cool thing to have anymore. We had better things to worry about such as what dress we were going to wear to homecoming, or getting our drivers license. Candy was for children, and trick or treating turned into getting drunk at costume...
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