Tribute Speech Outline Worksheet

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Outline Worksheet for Tribute Speech
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ATTENTION GETTER: There are some people who are very important to us. Without them we can’t be here today.

SHARE PURPOSE, LOVED ONES NAME, AND RELATE TO AUDIENCE: Today I want to share with you about my father who I really admire. He inspired me to become a good man for family as well as society. I learn a lot of good thing about life from his-own experience. There are 3 main characteristic which made me love him are

First: He is willing to sacrifice everything for all our family’s members Second: He is a very hard-working person
Third: My dad is always a great counselor for me


I. My dad is willing to sacrifice everything for all our family’s members A. He will give up everything he has to help us achieve our goal either material or spiritual
1. He helps us achieve material goals.
a. Story about bicycle
2. He gives up his hobby to adapt to us.
a. He used to listened radio in the morning but the sound from radio annoys us so instead of listening radio in the morning he read newspaper. B. He doesn’t concern about his own safety to protect us.

1. My dad is my protector when I was young
a. I was bully when I was in middle school because big guys, but they stopped doing that when my father warned them Connective/Transition: Sacrificing for our beloved one is a very nice characteristic. However, if we don’t have anything to sacrifice what will we do? Working-hard is a solution for it because working-hard can create and build up material or spiritual goals which can be used in the future

II. My dad is a very hard-working man
A. He worked very hard with a very heavy construction job
1. He worked more than 10 hours per day for about 20 years.
a. After Vietnam- American war, Vietnam is just like an empty country, people lack of food to survive. My dad worked as a construction job to earn very...
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