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My guru Mrs. Jayalakshmi Krishnamurthy (76) resides in Davangere, and she is specialized in " Karnataka shastriya sangeeta " and has done her vidwath in that .she is famously known as toughest master. She intakes very less students by conducting test, and first condition she puts is "I will be scolding a lot if u don’t practice what I teach ". And in 50 yrs of her teaching career I am the only student who continued to be her student for 8 yrs and I am proud that she gave me the place of a daughter and sometimes friend. I am blessed by god to take this life where I feel that at least I can utter few words through my mouth as in the form of songs. I pursued the junior's degree in music in the year 2007 and happy to say that I got distinction and was highest for davangere district. Then I took classes for senior exam but didn't continue the course as I came here to pursue my masters. To say about my guru, she was an embodiment of strictness and discipline. Most of the music lovers in davangere wished to get the knowledge from her but dared to talk with her as she was strict and straight forward .She expected 3 basic things from her students that are punctuality, determination and dedication. If we failed atleast in one the consequences were hard to bear. The lessons she taught in karnatic music like varnas,keerthanas,swarakalpana,and ragalapana till today are remembered and retained. She expected all the students to reproduce what all she taught in our music career without looking at our scripts. Even at the age of 78 years her voice is so well textured and high pitched that even at this age I never got that much inner strength. She loves me a lot and she even suggested to do my M.A course in Davangere instead of coming long way here. But when I left the class she presented a gift and her eyes were filled with tears. And I remember what she uttered on that day "will you forget me?"...
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