Tribalism: The Real Enemy in Iraq

Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: September 14, 2008
Read the following article “Tribalism is the real enemy in Iraq”

Answer the following questions

1.The author argues that Islam is not the real foe in the war in iraq. Who does he say is?

The author argues that Islam is not the real barrier between the Western forces and the people of Iraq, but merely our differences in values and daily life, with the center of our differing ideologies being tribalism. 2.What does the author identify as the major differences between East and West?

The author identifies the differences between East and West being our inherent basic ideologies.  He describes Iraqi ideology as being post apocalyptic. 3.What are the five main attributes of tribalism as the author says sociology has taught us? Explain each.

The tribe needs a boss. The tribe needs a leader to direct its people.

The tribe is a warrior; its foundation is warrior pride. These are people who see themselves as knights of the Islamic crusade. The demand the respect of their people.

The tribe respects power. The tribe respects those who display their might, not those who cower behind treaties and passive communication.

You can't sell freedom to tribesmen any more than you can sell democracy. He doesn't want it. It violates his code. It threatens everything he stands for. They believe that the land IS theirs, and that is was given to them by god.

The tribe has no honor except within its own sphere, deriving justice for its own people. Its code is Us versus Them. The outsider is a gentile, an infidel, a devil. If you came from the outside, you will never assimilate. 4.What then, from the author’s perspective, is the solution to this distinctively different approach to social organization between the East and the West? Do you agree? Explain.

Though I believe he has a great point about our basic ideologies being different and Iraq in need of strong leader (or preferably a Stalin-esque dictator), he seems to be making almost archaic...
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