Trials in the Late Roman Republic

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Trials in the Late Roman Republic,
149 BC to 50 BC

Records of criminal and civil trials offer scholars a wealth of information about legal practices and principles, social history, and the conventions of rhetoric. For Roman historians court records as we know them today do not exist. To fill that gap Michael C. Alexander has tabulated, as exhaustively as possible, the scattered information available about the 391 known trials, criminal and civil, dating from the last century of the Roman Republic (149 BC to 50 BC). For each case Alexander provides as many pieces of legal data as are available, including wherever possible the date of the trial, the charge, the verdict, and the names of all involved: defendant, defense speaker, prosecutor or plaintiff, presiding magistrate, jurors, and witnesses. The entry for each trial also contains citations of relevant ancient sources and modern scholarship. Footnotes make the reader aware of any dubious or controversial points which relate to the formal aspects of the trial. Also included are a general index of names, plus separate indexes by role, and an index of procedures. For Roman historians and scholars in the fields of Roman law and Latin rhetoric, this volume is an invaluable reference work for the study of the judicial system of ancient Rome in the last one hundred years of the Republic. MICHAEL c. ALEXANDER is in the Department of Classics, University of Illinois at Chicago.

PHOENIX Journal of the Classical Association of Canada Revue de la Société canadienne des études classiques Supplementary Volume xxvi Tome supplémentaire xxvi


Trials in the Late Roman Republic,
149 BC to 50 BC


© University of Toronto Press 1990 Toronto Buffalo London Printed in Canada ISBN 0-8020-5787-X

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Alexander, Michael Charles, 1947Trials in the late Roman Republic, 149 BC to 50 BC (Phoenix. Supplementary volume; 26 = Phoenix. Tome suppleméntaire, ISSN 0079-1784; 26) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0-8020-5787-X 1. Trials-Rome. 2. Justice, Administration of (Roman law). 3. Rome - History - Republic, 265-30 B.C. I. Title. II. Series: Phoenix. Supplementary volume (Toronto, Ont); 26. KJA2700.A64 1990 347.37'07 C90-095211-3

This book has been published with the help of a grant from the Campus Research Board of the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Acknowledgments vii Introduction ix Abbreviations xvii THE TRIALS 3

Works Cited 183 Indexes 199 Index of Procedures 201 General Index of Names 204 Index of Defendants 215 Index of Advocates 220 Index of Prosecutors and Plaintiffs 222 Index of Magistrates 226 Index of Jurors 228 Index of Witnesses 230 Index of Parties 233



It is a pleasure to acknowledge the support, financial and other, which I have received from various sources in working on this project. In 1981 I received a grant from the American Philosophical Society to complete research on this book, and in 1988 a publication subvention from the Campus Research Board of the University of Illinois at Chicago. I also worked on the book while holding a Fellowship for College Teachers, awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, in 1983-84, when I was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center, and while a Fellow at the Institute for the Humanities at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1986-87. I received computer facilities and/or assistance from the Center for Research in Law and Justice at UIC, the Department of Classics at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the UNC Social Science Statistical Laboratory in the Institute for Research in Social Science, the UIC Computer Center, and especially from Tajudeen Sokoya, UIC Publications Services, who helped me in preparing camera-ready copy. Joan A. Bulger, editor at the University of Toronto Press, has patiently shepherded the manuscript...
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