Trials and Tribulations of Christoper Columbus

Topics: Spain, Christopher Columbus, Isabella I of Castile Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Trials and Tribulations of Christopher Columbus
Growing up just outside a major Mediterranean Sea port, Christopher Columbus gained much interest in sea travel. In 1492 Columbus consulted the Spanish Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, about mapping a route from Spain to Asia, which would help Spain gain precious resources. Throughout Columbus’ voyages he writes to high ranking officials in Spain regarding his discoveries, this is how historical records were kept. From there he would soon discover some of the most majestic parts of the world, but not without tribulations.

Columbus gained much wealth and popularity through his discoveries in the new world. Material wealth was gained by trading with natives, and he also received money from the Spanish monarch for discovering the new world. Columbus was a Christian man, who gave up all his fortune for the glory of God. This is prevalent when Columbus writes to Luis de Santangal regarding his fist voyage. In the fist line of the letter to Santangal, Columbus acknowledges that without the lord the voyage would have been possible. Columbus respect for the Spanish monarch was renowned and is very apparent in the letter to Luis. Columbus mentions, the discovery of Juan Salvador in remembrance of the divine majesty. Columbus was fascinated with the beauty if the new world, but little did he know that beauty would kill him. After three exhausting voyages Columbus was accused of failing settlements, thief, and manslaughter.

After conquering Hispaniola in 1492 Columbus returned discovering that the settlement had failed due to the demand for gold and sexual partners from local natives in Hispaniola. Columbus was devastated by what happened in Hispaniola, and to make it worst he was accused of manslaughter. Columbus was responsible for everyone who traveled with him, so when he left behind a group of men to start a colony in Hispaniola and they were slaughtered the Spanish courts had to blame someone. This period in time...
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