Trials and Tribulations

Topics: Individual responsibility, Responsibility, Life Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Throughout life we experience many trials and tribulations. Each and every person endures his or her fair share of burdens. The photo seems to portray the burdens that we each “carry” with us daily; as well as, how heavy and stressful your load can be because of this. Not everyone handles these burdens in the same manner, however; some chose to ignore them, while others face their problems head on. While the problems of life are inevitable, they are not unsurpassable, as Lou Holtz stated, “Life is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent how you react to it.” You chose your own reactions, and can help lighten or increase your daily burdens by making wise decisions. Burdens do not discriminate against the type of person. No matter your religion, race, culture, gender, or financial standing every human experiences problems. We all experience challenges; some are minor, while others are much more significant and often life altering. This is presented as early as childhood with chores, disobeying your parents, and punishments for wrong doings. Although the idea of there being results for your actions is not fully understood at a younger age, it is often practiced. As you grow older the challenges of life become more significant, and form the path to your future. Some of the smallest decisions made can completely change the future that you hold. Adulthood requires more responsibility for your actions, and more pressure to do the right thing. As adults we must carry the conscience to make responsible decisions, even though that is not always the easy thing to do. Aside from the burden of our responsibilities and making the right decisions, we often times carry the burden of our mistakes. Humans make mistakes; it is an ineluctable part of life. These mistakes can often times hold us back from our desires and where we want to be. For example, if a student did not work to their full potential and slacked off in high school they may not be able to...
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