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After acknowledging the blessings of Allah Almighty, we would like to thank all the other helping hands who were with us in making this report a possibility. We would firstly like to extend our thanks to our teacher Dr. Asfia Obaid for her constant support and guidance during the course of this project. We would also like to thank Musab Rasheed Business Partner TRG tech, Anum Gardezi HR Lead Associate Ibex Global and Aneeq Akram Recruitment Associate Ibex Global for giving us their precious time and providing us with useful insight about the working of the Recruitment Department TRG tech. Our thanks and appreciation also extends to our parents and colleagues for their constant support and prayers. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Recruitment & Selection is seen by many as the most critical part of Human Resource Management (HRM) process. Since, it is the first step in the HRM process, failure to hire the most appropriate candidates for a job can make a company lose millions of Rupees in no time. It is therefore essential for every company to make swift and quality hiring in order to grow, gain and maintain competitive advantage. Literature suggests that recruitment and selection should be dealt with separately in order to make hiring process more effective. Recruitment can be defined as generating a pool of applicants to apply for a job. In selection process, a company selects the appropriate candidate for a job by going through numerous steps of interviewing, aptitude tests etc. Both recruitment and selection are equally important for the entire hiring process. If a company is not able to attract quality applicants, it will only be able to choose from a pool of average or weak candidates. However, if a company is able to attract the best talent to apply for a job, selection process should be effective so that the company is able to award job to the best applicants, before the competitors take them away. In the whole HRM process, speed is essential. Slow hiring process has many costs associated with low productivity, customer dissatisfaction, extra load of work on existing employees etc. However, if a company’s hiring process does not have any unnecessary steps involved and the company can make hiring in a short span of time, it may lead to attaining competitive advantage over the competitors. International companies face a lot of hiring problems in their global divisions/subsidiaries. Certain positions need specialist workers with a certain type of skill set that may be new and is remotely available in the host market. Such problems can make a company lose a lot of market share and business because there is no one to perform that particular specialized and highly skilled job. Effective forecasting, planning and placement between divisions by global companies make a company grow steadily without disruptions. In our study, The Resource Group (TRG) experiences delays in hiring process and lack of supply of specialized talent. Our research is based on interviews with the TRG tech HR executives. The company has made a name world over in providing outsourcing solutions to many organizations. However, in Pakistan the company’s selection process has many unnecessary steps which lead to slowing it down. TRG tech faces another challenge that is the hiring of specialist employees, with unique skill set, who are not readily available in the country. Due to unfilled specialist positions, TRG tech is not able to take up many profitable projects.

1.2.Significance Of Topic6
1.3.Scope Of The Project7
1.4.Research Methodology8
1.5.Company Information8
1.5.1.Trg World Introduction8
1.5.2.Trg Pakistan Introduction8
1.6.Layout Of The Project10...

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