Trends in Teenage Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Marketing, Learning, Psychology Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Learning is the process by which individuals acquire the purchase and consumption knowledge and experience they apply to future related behaviour. * Consumer learning is a process: it continually evolves and changes as a result of newly acquired knowledge (which may be gained by reading a observation or thinking) or from actual experience. * The newly acquired knowledge and experience serve as feedback to the consumers, and are the foundation upon which they will base their behaviour in similar situations in the future. This is what makes learning different from instinctive behaviour. * The role of experience in learning does not mean that all learning is deliberately sought. Much learning is international, that is, it is acquired as a result of a careful search for information. Learning is also incidental, acquired accidentally or without much effort. THE ELEMENTS OF CONSUMER LARNING.

1. Motivation
The concept of motivation is important to learning theory. Motivation is based on needs and goals. Motivation act as a spur to learning with needs and goals serving as stimuli. For example: people who want long life for their children are motivated to learn all they can about the milk, it ingredients and what good it does to your body. People who are not interested in buying the milk ignore all the information about it. The goal object simply has no relevance for them. The degree of relevance or involvement, is critical to how motivated the consumer is to research for knowledge or information about the product. Consumer motives is one of the prime task of marketers, who then try to teach “motivated” consumer segment why they are product will best fulfil the consumer needs. 2. Cues

If motives serve to stimulate learning, cues are the stimuli that give direction to those motives. In the market place, price, stilling, packaging, advertising and store displays all serve as cues to help consumers fulfil there are needs in product specific ways. Cues...

References: book of consumer behaviour 5th Edition from the library.
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