Trends in Ancient Civilizations

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Nile, Cairo Pages: 4 (1234 words) Published: March 21, 2014
Trends in Ancient Civilizations
Over the course of human history, humans and our ancestors have made tremendous strides. From Homo habilis making the first stone tools to the Egyptians building The Pyramids of Giza, human history is nothing short of intriguing. If it wouldn’t have been for each stride made by our ancestors we probably wouldn’t live in the world that we live in today. When the Neolithic Era began in 9600 BCE, human civilizations gradually started to spring up all over the world. Humans set up civilizations from Mesopotamia in the Middle East, to China in East Asia, and all the way to Caral-Supe in South America. Although these ancient civilizations were separated by thousands of miles, they all share common patterns and characteristics like geography, how they developed, social classes and hierarchies, and religion. Although all ancient civilizations deserve to be analyzed, Mesopotamia and Egypt are particularly interesting when studying these common patterns.

Geography is one of the most vital characteristics that all ancient civilizations have in common. They all settled by rivers. Mesopotamians settled by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and the Egyptians settled by the Nile River. Living by a river has many advantages that people utilized. One thing a river provides is water, which is necessary for survival. Rivers also bring rich soil that makes the land great for agriculture. In southern Mesopotamia, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers united and dispersed out into various swamps, marshes, and lagoons providing superior land for farming. In Egypt, the Nile River provided the same conditions. The Nile River starts in East Africa and flows north to the Mediterranean Sea. In Lower Egypt, it splits into two separate streams and forms the Nile Delta, providing this area with rich soil. Not only do rivers bring rich soil, but they also bring abundant animal life. This provided the early civilizations with more security. If the crops didn’t yield...
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