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Topics: Technology, Pop music, Rock music Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Question 1

For this assignment, I’ve chosen the career of being a musician. The music industry has evolved over the years by technology, the economy, and market audience. Technologically, microphones have become better, smaller, and more efficient. Economically, record companies are a lot more cautious with the bands they sign. The audience the music is targeted towards is changing the product. Being a musician now is very different than what it was in the 50’s. The music industry is still being changed by economic, technological, and social trends.

The modification of the microphone isn’t the only technological change in the music industry in the past 60 years. Amplification of guitars, bases, etc. has improved greatly. This is used in many, many genres; Rock, Blues, Alternative, etc. Keyboards and drum machines have been developed recently also in dance music, electronic, dubstep, and others. Recording equipment has advanced greatly to help create dance music, 21st century pop. However, some bands choose to not use these advances to create a different element in their music. For example, bands like Neutral Milk Hotel or The Pains of Being Pure at Heart choose to use low quality recording equipment to get a “lo-fi” sound.

As the century passed by and music itself changed, so did the industry and the record companies. In the past decade, the amount of time a band/artist has to write, record, and produce an album has dropped considerably since the 60’s. This has happened because the record companies can lose a lot of money now that illegal downloading exists. Bands are given less time than ever before to write, record, mix, and produce there records.

Now more than ever, music is targeted at certain age groups. Modern pop music displays this perfectly. Lady Gaga’s new single Born This Way is targeted towards people who see themselves as “different” in their own eyes. However, it is just modern pop music that is like that. In the 1980’s, Black Francis,...
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