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Topics: United States, Asian American, Culture Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: August 7, 2010
There is a new trend amongst Asians and that is following and watching football, commonly called soccer in the United States. This trend could be capitalized by providing products like football gear, equipment, T-shirts, cups and food that showcases the football culture in some way. Although this craze is happening mostly in Asian countries, we can also capitalize on this trend globally. For example, many U.S. cities have high concentrations of Asians in places commonly called “China Town.” This supports the theory that most Asian cultures like to remain connected to their cultural heritage through food, family, and social activities.

To help capitalize on this trend, it is beneficial to know that there are television channels from the different countries in Asia that can be watched here in America through satellite broadcast. Customers can order these channels and watch their favorite shows from their home country in their native language.

The idea would be to reposition products like football athletic jerseys, equipment, T-shirts, sweaters, cups and other merchandise that would normally be sold at these games. Find out what players from each Asian country are popular and use their image and their country’s flag and/or symbols on the products. By placing these images and symbols on the products, it can interest the Asian Americans to buy and support the stars of their respective country.

When Asian Americans watch the news or other shows and see their peers supporting these players by wearing or having such merchandise with their country’s flag or symbols, they will be inclined to perpetuate the trend to show their own pride.

To reach these customers, we can advertise football games with certain players from Asian countries through the selective programs they watch. In cities where an Asian group has a big community, they can promote cultural days to coincide with the football games that may have players from certain Asian countries. By advertising...
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