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Describe the ways in which trees and shrubs differ: trees are generally taller than shrubs and have a main trunk from which all the secondary grow. Shrubs are generally shorter and may have multiple stems rather than a single truck Collect and identify typical leaves from the 15 different species of trees. Spread neatly, press dry, mount, and label in a suitable notebook or on uniform-size sheets of paper Name two examples each of trees that have been named for:

a. What they are used for:
- sweet gum: the gummy sap of this tree has been used as chewing gum - cork oak: form a thick, rugged and corky bark. Over time this bark can develop considerable thickness, and this is harvested every 10-12 years as cork - balsam fir: produces a resin which is known as Canadian Balsam. A Balsam is the same thing as a balm, a soothing liquid anything that soothes, heals, or restores. - boxwood: produces a tight-grained wood ideal for carving or making boxes b. The surroundings or environment in which the grow

- mountain ash: grow in the mountainous areas of the northern US or Canada. - swamp ash: live in the swamps of the southern US
C. Some distinctive feature
-sugar maple: the primary source of sugary maple syrup. - hornbeam: the common English name of "hornbeam" derives from the hardness of the wood (likened horns) and the Old English beam, meaning a tree ( like the German word "Baum" which we know as "tannenbaum") - tulip tree: is so named because it's flower resemble tulip flowers d. The geographic region in which they live

- brazil wood: is not named after Brazil- Brazil is actually named for the tree! - cedar of lebanon: is a coniferous tree native to the mountains of the Mediterranean region in lebanon western Syria in south central Turkey

4. Give the common name and tell the difference between two great classes of trees The two great classes of trees are the gymnosperms and angiosperm. The gymnosperm do...
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