Tree of life

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The Trees of Life

In biology, there is a study of evolutionary relationships in groups of organisms where the relationship between the organisms is discovered through morphological data and molecular sequencing data; this is the study of phylogenetics. This is an important field of biology because these phylogenetic trees also grouped together individuals with similar traits in an organized fashion; which Charles Darwin created in his The Origin of Species book.

The phylogenetic trees are represented by line and each line represents one particular organism of interest. The base line that connects all other lines is the depiction of the common ancestor that is being looked at to compare the other organisms to, and the distance between the lines determines how closely organisms are related to one another or how long ago they may have had a common ancestor (Baum). The purpose for these trees are to provide insight to research questions and are not intended to represent an entire species history.


Isolation of Fish Protein using Lamelli Buffer

Before starting anything we labeled 1.5 ml flip-top microtubes and screw top microtubes 1 through 8 for each fish sample that is being prepared for electrophoresis. Lamelli sample buffer is added to each flip-top microtube in 250 µl increments; this buffer is used to denature the fish protein. Our fish protein will come from eight different fish muscle samples that are cut in a cube that is approximately 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.25 cm3. The sample is placed in the correctly labeled tube with the Lamelli buffer where we agitated the tissue by flicking the tube about 15 times and incubated the samples for five minutes at room temperature to then extract and stabilize the proteins. When the five minutes pass we poured the sample buffer into the screw top microtubes with the matching numbers on the lid, making sure to not pour out the solid fish piece. We made sure to pour out only the sample buffer because...
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