Tree Best Friends Film Review

Topics: Rain, Error, Coming of age Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The movie, Three Best Friends, starring John, Jack, and James Doe, is about three friends who face the trials of coming of age.  The three main characters are friends since childhood and raised like brothers.  However, when they grow up, they struggle to maintain each other’s friendship, and they struggle with never losing their true identity. - One important element that is prevalent through out the entire film is the element of rain.  Everytime rain shows up, the viewer sees pivotal moments regarding the relationship between the three best friends. - This paper will analyze how the element of rain stands as a symbol for the constant washing away of the mistakes between these three friends.  The viewer will see that every time rain appears in this film, the characters always get a fresh start, which ultimately shows that everyone in life always gets a second chance.  In the beginning of the film, the three friends are playing football outside.  One of the friends throws the football at a bird’s nest, and all the baby birds die.  All of the friends felt guilty and ashamed of themselves, but soon after, the viewer sees that it begins to rain.-  When it is raining, one of the friends wipes his own tears away, and says, “everything is going to be okay and mistakes are a part of life.”  All three friends give the birds a proper burial, and continue with their own life. - Such a scene and quote show the viewer that rain not only serves as a symbol of spiritual cleansing, but it also shows that every human being will make mistakes.  However, where there are mistake, there is also room for learning and acknowledgment of those mistakes. - The rain in this scene symbolically washes the three boys’ sin away.        In the middle of the film, the boys are teenagers.  One of those boys joins a gang.  When that gang does a drive by, the friend who joined the gain feels ultimate regret and sorrow.  He prays to God for forgiveness, and within a few minutes rain...
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