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Treaty of Versailles

By overandover Mar 24, 2008 432 Words
Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that officially ended WWI. It was negotiated at the Paris Peace Conference throughout the spring of 1919. This treaty didn’t exactly end war between the Allied and Associated Powers and Germany but created a humiliating effect on the Germans side which eventually led to WWII. The Treaty of Versailles was highly confidential and caused hard feelings on all sides, contributing to the outbreak of WWII. (Treaty of Versailles)

The treaty required Germany and its allies to accept full responsibility for causing war and pay reparations to certain countries. Germany also had further military restrictions—the air force was disabled, limited army to 100,000 men and the navy was limited to 15,000 sailors, 6 battleships, no submarines. They were also forbidden to put troops in Rhineland and France was entrusted to patrol it with troops to enforce restrictions. Germany, Austria and Hungary were excluded from the negotiations because they have been defeated. Russia was also excluded because both countries signed a separate peace treaty. (Treaty of Versailles)

The treaty evoked an angry and hostile reception in Germany from the moment its contents were made public. The German people had understood the negotiations at the Versailles to be a “peace conference” but not surrender. They didn’t feel that the reparations were fair to them. They also thought that they aren’t responsible for starting the war. The Germans were outraged and horrified—since Wilson’s fourteen pints painted a different picture. (Reaction in Germany)

The Germans economy was so weak that only small percentages of reparations were paid in money and Germany violated the treaty. March 1935, Hitler first violated the treaty by introducing compulsory military conscription in Germany and rebuilding the armed forces. March 1936, Hitler reoccupied the demilitarized zone in the Rhineland. March 1938, Hitler annexed Austria in the Anschluss. March 1939, Hitler occupied Czechoslovakia. September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland, thus initiating WWII in Europe. (Treaty Violations)

The treaty was a failure because the Germans thought the reparations weren’t fair which made them break all the rules from the treaty. One reason why the treaty didn’t work was, Wilson fourteen points didn’t give the right outcome. The treaty didn’t exactly end the war but it made the Germans seek revenge and also because of the treaty Hitler had more power than before. The Germans economy was affected badly and Hitler promised that he could bring the greatness in Germany back. But Germans Economic potential and industry were less affected than its European enemies. (Treaty of Versailles)

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