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Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: December 5, 2013
28th of June 1919, the day we get stabbed in the back.
I hate the treaty of Versailles it forced us to disarm it took away our territory, colonies and our people. It treats us like an enemy even though we want peace. Our new leader or should I say ‘backstabber’ sold out our people and signed the treaty of Versailles. Even though he had nothing to do with making the treaty, and the allies threatened to go back to war and forced our leader to sign it, he should be stronger if he’s our leader. We have been left by our proper leader in our time of need. He isn’t welcome in Germany anymore. It had all been in vain, in vain the sacrifices in vain the 2 millions had they died for this so a gang of retched criminals could lay their hands on the father land. This is not how it should be. The treaty is asking us to take all of the blame for the war, this is unfair as if we weren’t the only country who couldn’t get along if we were it would have been only us on our side, and not Austria-Hungary and Italy as well. So this is false, weren’t the only people to blame for the war. This treaty is made to punish us. We weren’t even invited to the peace conference, so we could have our say, and put our point across. We have to pay 6,600 million pounds for the countries that had won war. It’s obvious that no countries actually want peace. We are in debt here and there still making us pay! Our whole military, army, battle ships, air force, tanks and submarines either taken of us or lost gone, taken from us. We made them yet they think they have the right to just taken them off us because we lost, when really we didn’t lose it was our leader who lost it. All of our land is gone it’s now even harder for us to pay that money back because we have lost our land, all of it. Alsace-Lorraine, the land that we fought for, has been given to France because our leaders

lost it. We have bad leaders it’s not our fault yet they blame it on us. We are now forbidden from having a military...
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