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The Treatment and Prevention of Drug Use and Abuse
Professor Gross
CJ: 411 Drugs and Alcohol in the Criminal Justice System
By Jimmy Ortega

Juveniles across the country have many issues in today’s society however; the issues that are at hand can be prevented if the parents or guardians have control over that certain juvenile. If that parent doesn’t have control of that teen there are certain places in which the parents can reach out to and get help dealing with the issues. But when it comes to parenting just because you don’t have control over that teen at that moment doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent because teens these days are dealing with issues such as high school popularity to even the issue of homosexuality. Just recently an Andress High School teen committed suicide due to the fact that he was getting picked on by fellow students about being homosexual (Borunda D. June 6, 2012). I am not saying homosexuality is right nonetheless being bullied at such a crucial time in their adolescent years is what’s not right and those individuals who are responsible for this should be held accountable for their actions. Another issue teen’s face is a life of addiction. This is a serious issue that many overlook but has taken so many lives silently. Addiction is defined as a condition that results when a person ingests a substance such as alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine. Or engages in an activity such as gambling, sex, and shopping that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health. Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others (Psychology Today, 2014). However thankfully there are programs that can help our teens deal with addiction these days. This paper shall cross examine Aliviane, which is corporation that helps teen deal with drug addiction by using several different methods. It will also touch base on teen curfews because that teens are exposed to a whole different world if they are out past certain and this may lead to making life changing decisions at such a young age.

Some of the issues that involve our young adults in society today are that our youth is staying out past curfews therefore this exposes our juveniles to commit crime or puts them in harm’s way. A majority of American citizens and states support juveniles having a curfew because of the effectiveness it has on reducing crime. According to a 1995 U.S. Conference of Mayors survey, 56 percent of the cities with curfews rated their curfews as somewhat or very effectiveness while only 14 percent consider them no effective (Donegan, C. 1996 March 15). These numbers are high considering the fact that these numbers are directly targeting and protecting our youth therefore this is showing us that our government is really taking on the task of taking care of our future. Another survey that came from a very populated metropolitan area was out of the Washington Metropolitan Police. They reported that felony arrest in the city during curfew hours declined 34 percent from July 16- Sept 30, 1995 compared from last years numbers during the same time (Donegan, C. 1996 March 15). However, not everyone believes that curfews reduce crime for example, executive director of the Criminal Justice Program, Peter W. Greenwood, says “I’ve never seen any systematic evidence to show they work.”( Donegan, C. 1996 March 15) He’s not the only critic when it comes to not supporting the effectiveness of curfews on crime. Some other critics believe that curfews are not enforced by our law enforcement and sometimes racially profiled therefore the effectiveness of the curfews are not accurate with some of the statistics. On the other hand many cities believe with the support of the parents enforcing curfew laws on their juveniles they can help our law enforcement...

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