Treatment Of Women In Medea By Euripides

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Euripides wrote Medea as a sort of promotion for his ideas. In it, he emphasized the gods, which he believed the people of Greece were ignoring. He also made sure to highlight the issues with the treatment of women. To do this, he took a commonly despised character, Medea, and warped the initial story of Jason and the Golden Fleece to show it from a female perspective. By making Medea the focus of the story, Euripides was able to explore the problems Greek women of the time faced. Though classic Greek dramas generally lack well-rounded female characters, Medea, as portrayed in Euripides’ Medea, shows depth of character through her intense emotions such as despair and rage, enforcing the idea that she was not content with the role of the docile housewife that Greek women of the time commonly held. As one reads through Medea, the emotions the titular character feels are obvious. Her grief that results from Jason leaving are clear in lines such as, “Oh, oh! What misery, what wretchedness! What shall I do? If only I were dead!” (Euripides 20) and “…but this blow that has fallen …show more content…
This group, when hearing Medea’s shouts and cries of despair, states, with regard to Jason leaving her, “The thing is common; why let it anger you?” (Euripides 22). This statement in itself implies that these women, having been raised in the society, have accepted men leaving their wives and see it as an ordinary course of events. Medea, however, being “a foreign woman, coming among new laws, new customs” (Euripides 24), is not accustomed to this practice of men abandoning the women they claimed to have devoted themselves to. As such, Medea is thrown into a wild array of emotions, ranging from the highest peak of anger to the lowest pits of sadness, and it is this obvious presentation of emotions that makes Medea a substantial

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