Treatment of American Indians

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Trail of Tears, Cherokee Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: March 23, 2014

In the past, American Indians were treated poorly by the white people they came in contact with. Not only did the whites discriminate against the Indians, they took their land, children, and made false interpretations about the way they lived. The whites had no idea about the indians ways of life and should not have been mocking them. All of these instances and many more made the Indians feel belittled and irrelevant in the eyes of other people.

In eighteen thirty President Andrew Jackson along with the rest of the United States government designed the Indian Removal Act that would remove the indians from their lands. While this treaty did not force the indians to move off their land, it allowed the president to negotiate with the indians and make them relocate. In September of eighteen thirty the first Native American tribe to voluntarily sign the removal treaty was the Choctaws. Although the government kept there promise of relocating the indians to a different section of land, they often abused their right. When relocating, the government would choose lands that were not suitable for the indians needs like hunting, fishing and growing crops. The government knew what they were doing and they succeeded in their plan. When the indians could not grow their crops or hunt for their food they started losing money and living in poverty. In order for them to pay for their needs they had to sell their land back to the government which put them in control again just like they wanted. The indians were manipulated into trusting the ones who should not be trusted. Along with the manipulation of the indians the government pushed to kill off as many indians as they could. In the summer of eighteen thirty eight the Cherokee Indians were taken onto boats and traveled the Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi and Arkansas rivers into the indian territory. An estimated four thousand died from disease and starvation on the way and many were held in prison camps awaiting their fate....
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