Treatment Analysis: Rose, A Rose Is A Rose

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It had been happening for ages when it comes to the world society to become stereotype in labelling a group of people generally and randomly. It is awfully related with Stein G. (1934) quoting “rose is a rose is a rose” which is in this context, it carries the meaning of the tendency of general public to assume everyone with the same kind of schizophrenia’s diagnosis for further treatment and research approaches.

Of course, in reality the rose is not necessarily is the rose. People are born with differences. So do the schizophrenic patients as every group of them has distinct heterogeneity. Some of the differences that have been diagnosed includes the gender as Seeman M.V. and Lang M (1990) stated in “The Role of Estrogens in Schizophrenia”,
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It brings benefits to the patients as their self-esteem will develop and the chance of the relapse of the symptoms is minimum. As mentioned by Breier A. (1980), treatments are the concept and the definition of lowering the symptoms relapse and function improvement among patients. At the point, our purpose to develop psychiatry has been achieved and it can save many schizophrenics’ life which are suffering for the time …show more content…
Psychological disorder will eventually affect our future generations negatively in terms of their mental health as well as their physical health if things get out of control if the right and specific treatments have not been developed. The same case with schizophrenia. According to the research, the ineffectiveness of psychotherapy in treating schizophrenia cause the lack of discouragement of the experts to make innovation and further research in this area. Heinrichs (1986) states that the advantages of psychotherapy on treating schizophrenia has yet to be proved and tested. It is now becoming a challenge for the experts to use psychotherapy for maximum benefits for curing

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