Treating Mental Illnesses Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Mental disorder, Cognitive behavioral therapy Pages: 4 (1643 words) Published: January 17, 2015

Treating Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses definitely hold their own reputation. When a person is diagnosed with a mental illness there are often a few words that are thrown to define them. A few of these choice words may include; crazy, retarded, stupid, etc. But that isn’t all that true, most people diagnosed with a mental illness end up with close to, if not, a full recovery from successful treatments. A few of the different mental illness diagnosis that could one day be said that you or a loved one have include; ADD, ADHD, Autism, OCD, depression and different variations of anxiety disorders, these, in which, are only a few of the hundreds considered a mental illness. The questions that ponder most people’s mind when they receive this kind of diagnosis are; what kind of treatments are out there? Is it curable? What are the most successful of the treatments? Although there isn’t a “magical cure” for properly treating a mental illness, a combination of a few different types of treatments will probably give the best results. The most successful treatments for patients diagnosed with a mental illness may include a combination of cognitive therapy (and/or cognitive behavioral therapy) and individual therapy; in the case that therapy fails an alternative method of treatment may be considered, medication. There are hundreds of different mental illnesses that are diagnosed to patients around the world. In any mental illness, there are numerous factors that contribute to the development of different types of mental illnesses. Some factors that contribute to the development of a mental illness are biological factors (genes, brain chemistry, or a family history of mental health problems), life experiences (such as trauma or abuse), and environmental factors, all of these are among a few theories that speculate the causes of mental illness. One treatment I find would be the most successful is individual therapy. My cousin was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child....
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