Treasure Island assessment

Topics: Robert Louis Stevenson, Piracy, Difference Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: December 16, 2013
 In the story Treasure Island, Long John Silver and Captain Smollet are both leaders on the pirate ship. Although they both lead the ship, they have many similarities, but also many differences. In the book the author Robert Louis Stevenson characterizes captain Smollet to be a mature, wise captain, and characterizes Silver to be the immature, ignorant one on the ship. Captain Smollet and Silver are alike in a few ways. One way they are alike is that they are both happy, jolly leaders. Both of them like to smile and sing happily. It is great for captains to sing so they can cheer their crew up. Another way the two are alike is that they both motivate there men to do what they are told to do, and there men respect them. All the pirates on board the ship respect there master because if not there could be a serious consequence. Those are the ways Captain Smollet and Silver are alike. In the story there are many differences between the two leaders. The first difference is their maturity levels. Captain Smollet makes the right decisions and does the best he can to keep the crew settled, but Silver is a disrespectful, improper, and mean leader. Silver also killed a pirate in the story. Another difference is that Captain Smollet is a sharing captain. Silver on the other hand, is selfish and wants to keep all the treasure to himself. Between captain Smollet and Silver most people agree that Smollet is the better leader. I also agree with that. There are many similarities and differences between the two captains, this is because everyone isn’t the same and all people have a different way of doing things. The way Silver acted as a captain was not a great way to lead people, but seeing as he is the leader he makes the decisions.
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