Treadway Tire Case Study

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Unit 5 Treadway Tire Case Study Analysis
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April 23, 2014

Treadway Tire: Job dissatisfaction and high turnover for the Lima Plant Introduction
Treadway Tire case study is all about job dissatisfaction and high turnover rate at Lima Tire Plant. In 2007, half of the foreman at the Lima Facility had a turnover. The past ten year this been highest turnover rate for foreman. Ashley Walls the Human Resource Director have concern with high turnover in the Lima Plant. She have major objective for this Lima Plant are cost cutting, increase productivity, and reducing turnover. Next, I will present to some problems that the Lima Tire Plant had in this case study. I will give you my suggestions and solutions to Treadway Tire Plant, Main Issues

The main issues with the Lima Plant are the job dissatisfaction and the foreman high turnover rate. I will analyze the situation with the individual foreman to the integration of the company.

Define the Problem
Treadway Tire Foreman Problems:
First, concern is the daily production evaluation Lima Plant are too strict for the employees. The foreman did not have control for some variations of the productions quantity and qualities, such as its relate to the machine breakdown. The executive leaders of the Lima Plant was only focusing on the daily production. The Plant manager Bellingham thought the performance goals was the most important duty of the foreman. This gave the foreman too much pressure that affected them to have a clear picture of the daily issues in what happen in the production lines.

Second, the responsibility of the foreman was too much on them, but the foreman did not have relative authority. The line foreman had to directly deal with each day was a long list of different personnel, resources, and administrative issues in a 12 hour shift. Foreman did not have any control over their staff and they had their disciplinary decisions always overridden by disciplinary groups, I believe this because the company is a union shop. In addition¸ Treadway Tire they really did not offer any relative training for their foreman for existing foreman and new foreman. Since, they did have any training the foreman did not know to handle their job efficiently. The Lima plant presented the lack of their line foreman training which made them in adequately handle objectively run the line properly. Finally, the foreman did not see themselves on furthering the careers with company. Treadway Tire Company gave foreman a narrow path for the foreman to grow into the job. For example, at the Lima plan in 2007 one of foreman was promoted to be general supervisor. These foreman day after day will meet the company performance goal without have clear picture of themselves having a future with this career. Treadway Tire Company:

The Lima Plant had a work schedule of 12 hour day with 2 short break and half hour for a meal. I cannot believe this company can obtain high quality of work with this work schedule. All the employees have different level of communication style with each other. The foreman have a relationship with the supervisor as “Us versus Me” mentality style relationship with the foreman and the supervisor. The foreman could not build a relationship with their line workers to improve morale of the worker and happier work environment because, of the rules and daily goals of the foreman. Lima Plant have a problem on conflicting management issues with their foreman.

Treadway Tire need to train their foreman. Let their foreman handle their disciplinary issues with their line workers without being override. Give foreman more time learning to speak to their employee to build communication with their workers. Let foreman be able to talk to management to solve their issues with each other. The company should change the work schedule of the foreman to...

References: Beckham, H., & Skinner, W. (June, 2008) The treadway tire company: Job dissatisfaction and high turnover at the Lima tire plant (Case Study). Retrieved from Harvard Business Online website:
Figure 1. SWOT Analysis.
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