Trayvon Martin

Topics: Barack Obama, Sociology, Anger Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Social Movement
The death of Trayvon Martin sparked a fire. It caused individuals not only in the Florida community but throughout the land to ask for social change within the legal system. An innocent boy’s murdering has been compared to the lynching of Emmett Till in 1955. Trayvon Martin’s death has moved societal groups in a way that has not been seen in over forty years. Many individuals across the nation are angered that a young man who supposedly was just minding his business has been shoot by a man in his twenties because of a set suspicion. This man, now arrested, had been walking free for weeks. This anger instilled in people has caused millions of people to sign petitions, organize rallies, and hold vigils. NBA players have posed with similar hooded sweatshirts on as Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was killed. Discussed in one of the articles by a popular African American commentator of “The First President Barrack Obama Road to the White House” indicated the importance of anger in causing social change. Roland Martin interviewed Harry Belafonte who was a confidant to Dr. King. During the interview Belafonte said, “We first need to be angry at our plight, before we’ll act upon changing our condition.” In addition, Belafonte said, “So anger is a necessary force. It’s not so much that you’re angry, its what you do with your anger that finally determines the importance of anger.” Hopefully this social movement will clarify the need for a system that only not responds to uprising. Justice and the legal system need to work without a spark being placed under them. Change has to begin in the towns and neighborhoods. Even though the majority of the individuals in higher positions are older adults, the young people of this time will make decisions in due time. The young leaders have been influential in conducting organized rallies in protesting the flaws in the system and asking for a resolution to the problems. Roland Martin writes,...
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