Travelling: Travel and Public Transport

Topics: Travel, Travel agency, Transport Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: April 3, 2013
18. Travelling
I would like to start with types of transport to introduce this question, because transport is important part to accomplish our holidays, hobbies or daily life even. We can divide transport means into two parts. The first is public transport and the second is private. The most common and the cheapest public transport in our republic is bus, then follow the train, the tube, taxi and the most expensive is traveling by airplane. These different types of transport also depend on the distance we are going to travel. There is also a difference between public transport in a town and between towns. People who take any type of transport to their work or school are called commuters. The second part in transport is private and it means for instance a car, a bike or a motorcycle. I live in Sokolov so I go to school on foot but next school year as I will start to attend some University I'll become a commuter. In case we decided to travel, we have to know the destination. Even a longer walk, a visit with relatives in the next village or a bicycle ride can be thought as a traveling. We can travel in many ways. The simplest way would be to go everywhere on foot. We don’t need to worry about missing the bus, running out of gas, our car breaking down or getting into a car accident, on the other hand we can’t get really far and it is much slower than travelling by car or bus. Another possibility for our traveling is to go by car. Almost every family today owns a car. Traveling by car is convenient because it can take us quickly wherever we want to go at the moment. Another popular means of transportation is a bus. Traveling by bus may sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but the situation is gradually improving. Buses are usually equipped with better seats, dark glass against the sun, air-conditioning, television and radio and often with a toilet as well. We can get around the city also by taxis, trolleybus and in Prague by subway. In this case,...
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