Travelling: Travel and Different Historical Monuments

Topics: Travel, Present, Time Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Travelling is an important part of our life. This is one of the ways to learn something new, of course, you can read books and watch TV, but traveling is the most effective way to learn about the world. To my mind the main purpose of traveling is studying the way of life, cultures of other people, observing different historical monuments and many-many other. Traveling also is a great way of communication and making new friends. I think that the local resident will tell you more information about real life in this country than a guide. The guides tell us some information about the country, the information that we can find in books and on the Internet. It makes our opinion about some of the things traditional and narrow. And we are not able to form our own opinions. The guides show us the only city center and the main attractions. But what do we know about the life in the city really?  For example, a lot of us were in Warsaw, I am sure, that you showed the old town, the pillar of Sigmund and the Church, may be you were in the center of Copernicus and the Museum of the uprising, but what did you see in addition to the center?  Some people call such excursions journey and say that Warsaw is a beautiful city. For some time I thought the same thing, but when I had to live there for a while I understand something. On the one hand I saw a dirty city with a lot of garbage, and on the other hand I found a lot of cafes with delicious hot chocolate. May be now it's not so important, but I wanted to tell about what it means to travel. I believe that travel is possible not only to other countries but also in their country, even in our own city. Last summer I opened a lot of new in our city. In the autumn I was with my friend in Minsk and I saw not just the sights, but I Saw how the inhabitants of Brest differ from the citizens of Minsk. There is another important moment. When you travel at high speeds the present means nothing: you live mainly in the...
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