Travelling: Tourism and Respondents

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21st century challenges



1.1. History of travelling6
1.2. The purposes of travelling8
1.3. The most visited places in the world8
1.4. New technologies in travelling10

1. Your gender:
* Female
* Male

2. Your age:
* Under 25
* 25-45
* 46 and more

3. Do you like travelling?
* Yes, I like travelling
* I like, but it is not my favorite activity
* No, I don‘t like travelling

4. How often do you travel?
* Once a year
* Twice a year
* Two times and more a year
* It depends on financial situation, work, studies and etc. * I don‘t travel

5. How often do you travel abroad?
* I don‘t travel abroad
* Once in two years
* Once a year
* 2-3 times a year
* 4-5 times in a year
* More than 5 times in a year

6. What are the purposes of travelling abroad?
* For work business
* For a holiday
* To see new places
* Other __________________________________________________________________________

7. Do you like travelling in Lithuania?
* Yes, I think Lithuania is a beautiful country and here are a lot of wonderful places where people can spend their holiday * No, I have traveled around Lithuania and now I want to see other countries * No, there is nothing to see in Lithuania

* I don‘t like to travel

8. With whom do you usually travel?
* Alone
* With your girlfriend/boyfriend
* With friends
* With family
* With colleagues

9. What are the most important things for you when choosing a trip? * Country you are going to
* The price of the trip
* Situation of the country’s‘ you are going to economy * Sightseeing, places you can see in other country
* History of the country or a place you are going to
* Traditions and culture
* Specific cuisine
* Other (date of the trip, beach and the sea, nature)

10. Do you search for information about countries and places you are travelling to? * Yes
* No

11. Where you search for information?

12. What kind of holiday you like the most?
* Active holiday – travel, sports, get new experience
* Passive holiday – relax, lay near the sea in the beach, read, sleep * Sometimes I want active holiday and sometimes I want passive holiday

13. When you are thinking about new holiday, You:
* Plan to go to those places, where you have never been
* Plan to go to those places where you have been, but there are a lot of things you haven‘t seen * Plan to go to those places where you have been and seen everything but you enjoy being there * You don‘t plan to travel on your holiday

14. Country you like the most:

15. Have you been there?
* Yes, I have
* No, but I am going there soon
* No, but maybe one day I will go there
16. Which technologies do you use most frequently when travelling? * Mobile maps
* Social networks
* Virtual/ 3D tours
* Blogs
* Virtual worlds
* Digital guides
* Location GPS apps

In 21st century new modern technologies and innovations have a huge influence in our life. We are using a lot of inventions in our daily life, while studying, working, communicating, also in our free time. Music, films, books, news – all are in the internet, in our computers and mobile phones, so nowadays we cannot imagine our life without these technologies.

All spheres are affected by modern technologies, so travelling is not an exception. With new technologies new possibilities and opportunities came to the travellers’ life and made it...

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