Travelling in Europe

Topics: Debit card, Train station, Train Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: October 16, 2008
1.Forex: The best way to have forex over there is to carry forex from India and deposit it in an account there. Opening an account is a matter of minutes provided you carry your passport or ISIC as proof of identification. This way you save on the transaction charges levied on encashing the TC or using the Cash Card. Don’t ever buy the Travelex Cash Card as those guys really made our life miserable. We had a problem as they said that loading the card is allowed only once and we ran out of money. The bank over there issues a debit card. Check out as to which banks have operations across Europe so that you can withdraw money from ATMs anywhere.

2.Air Travel: Check out Turkish Airlines for cheaper tickets from India to Europe and back. Other airlines are kinda costly, although the scenario might have changed due to the fall in prices recently. For traveling within Europe, Ryan Air is the best option for air travel. Be sure about the dates for which you book, because once booked, cancellation would mean that almost all of your money is gone. At times, the fares become less in the evening from what they were in the morning. The only disadvantage of traveling by Ryan Air is that the airports are located far from the city and traveling to the city is costly (around 10 Euros in Frankfurt). In Rome though, you can get to the city in about 2.5 Euros by taking a bus to the nearest station and then taking a train from there to Roma Centrale. Also, we observed that flights to Brussels are normally the cheapest. So just book the tickets taking all the above in consideration.

3.Car Travel: You can rent a car quite easily. All you need to have is your driving license and a credit card with adequate limit. The Indian driving license is valid in almost all European countries provided you have a temporary resident permit (which you get if you are going there for more than three months). Before embarking on a car journey, make sure that you have a directions map (check out...
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