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PPVENJ236 Engleski jezik III
2nd essay – Travel report
December 5th, 2013

Istanbul – The City That Will Leave You Breathtakingly Amazed

Located on two continents, Istanbul is geostrategically important city where civilizations have been clashing for decades and centuries. One month period would not be enough to experience the city of 17 million inhabitants, the glorious city that actually has a soul, a long history and a rich culture. Even though Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, it is very important economical and cultural-historical center of the country. Once you step on that ground, you wll break down all prejudices.

I was lucky enough to arrive there for the first time in early spring. While driving in a bus from Ataturk airport to my accommodation, I spotted several huge, green parks just near enormous Bosphorus strait. Thousands of minarets, above the numerous mosques, looked absolutely stunning bathed in sunlight during that quiet afternoon. As we arrived at a very nice, at the same time traditional and modern hotel, located in the center of the city, we asked the receptionist what he would recommend for us to visit. It happened to be Saturday, so we were advised to visit a cozy tavern where we could taste some local food, traditional sweets and enjoy the local music. It sounded like a great opportunity, and it really was, a great introduction to unforgettable days that were ahead of us. Apart from the architectural gems, witnessing the rich history of the country and people, my attention was attracted by clean streets, but at the same time, the lack of good manners in traffic. That was a real chaos. Good thing about taxies in Istanbul is that the price for any destination is 20 Turkish liras, but the easiest way to move through the city are small buses called dulmus. They are not so cozy, but they are definitely cheap and fast enough.

However, prices are reasonable when it comes to food too. Chicken and beef kebabs are...
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