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Website Evaluations

|Navigation |How easy is it to navigate through the site? Can you find information you are looking for quickly? | |Realistic View |Do you get a realistic perspective of the places you are researching on? How does the site ensure that | | |the users get a real expectation of the places? Do they allow users to post their own travel pictures | | |and videos? | |Objectivity |How objective is the website? Does the site provide information on the places based on different | | |perspectives? Are the users allowed to give comments, reviews or share their experiences with regards to| | |the specific attraction/place being featured? | |Content |Does the site give complete information on the places? Will the user require doing further research | | |using other sources? | |Maintenance | Is the website regularly updated? Has outdated information been removed? |

Evaluation Criteria


STA Travel (US) ( An online travel agency, dedicated to students and budget travellers, that provides services such as tour packages, insurance, discount cards, etc. They also have a student travel community where people can meet others with the same interests in travel, see other people’s trips and adventures through the STA travel blogs, and ask travel related questions. |Navigation |The site is very easy to navigate and very well organized. It is possible to find information quickly. Also, the | | |font is easy to read and the texts are in short, orderly paragraphs. And it does not have distracting sponsored | | |advertisements. | |Realistic view |The site gives a realistic view of the each city through their online student community where people can write | | |about their adventures, post photos of their trips, ask questions about the places, and learn more about the | | |places they want to visit. | |Objectivity |The main pages of the website where people can search for flights, hotels and packages do not give a very | | |objective view as only short descriptions of the hotels and places are given and only from the perspective of the | | |STA editors. | |Content |The website gives sufficient information about the places. However, further research from other sources is | | |required to have a complete understanding of each city. Description of each place is concise and brief, written in| | |a way that captures their chosen target group. | |Maintenance |The website is updated regularly. New deals are updated daily and outdated information is removed from the site. |

Yahoo Travel (UK) ( A travel website that provides recommendations on places, links to booking websites, maps of cities, and travel guides. Also provides a platform for user interaction through user reviews and ratings.

|Navigation |It is easy to navigate; user can be directed to the information they are looking for within three clicks. The | |...
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