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Page 1 – 19

Assess the impact of key historical and current developments on the travel and tourism industry.

• Improvements in transport
• Development of mass tourism/all inclusive package holidays • Decline of seaside resorts
• Socio – economic changes; increase in leisure time, disposable income, paid holidays and life expectancy • Technological developments

Current developments

• Low cost airlines
• Super jumbos and super ships
• Internet technology
• Direct sales/ growth of call centres and internet bookings • The grey market
• Airport/ runway expansions
• Terrorist activity and security issues

Page 19 – 25

Describe the key sectors in the travel and tourism industry.

• Transport
• Accommodation
• Ancillary services
• Tour operators (outbound, inbound, domestic)
• Travel agents (retail and business; multiples, miniples and independents) • Visitors attractions
• Tourism services, development and promotion (including British tourist organisations, regional tourist boards and tourist information centres) • Trade organisations (Association of British Travel Agents, International Air Transport Association, Civil Aviation Authority, Association of Tour Operators).


• Public
• Private
• Voluntary

Pages 25 – 32

Illustrate the inter-relationship between key travel and tourism providers.

• Tour operators
• Travel agents
• Transport providers
• Accommodation and catering outlets
• Visitor attraction
• Tourism development and promotion organisations


• Principles and chain of distribution
• Vertical and horizontal integration
• Dominance of the private sector
• Dominance of the market by a few players

Pages 32 – 35

Illustrate the importance of the UK travel and tourism industry to the economy.


• Numbers employed in travel and tourism in the UK
• Visitor numbers: inbound, outbound and domestic


• Expenditures from inbound and domestic tourism
• Contribution to the Balance of Payments
• Consumer spending on travel and tourism

Pages 35 – 44

Describe the nature of employment within the travel and tourism industry and the qualifications, skills, and qualities required for two jobs.

• The variety of jobs within each sector
• Full – time and part – time positions
• Temporary contracts
• Seaside work
• Shift pay and unsocial hours
• Pay and conditions
• Training and progression opportunities
• Qualifications required
• Skills required
• Personal attributes required


• Academic and industry

Skills and qualities

• Job specific and transferable skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Customer service skills
• Personal presentation


Unit one Travel and Tourism Mr O’ Kane


Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. In the United Kingdom Travel and Tourism is one of the key drivers of the economy, supporting around 1.8 million jobs and it also made 61 billion pounds in revenues in 1998. Tourism is a broad area to define, but it dose involve travailing away from home whether its for leisure or business purposes. Most tourism activities take place during people’s leisure time.

Visiting relatives or day trips are classed as being leisure travel. If you go for a business purposes then it is business travel. If people stay for one or more nights that person is classed as being a tourist. If people travel and pass through a place they are called day visitors. Travel is to do with how most people get to the place were the want to go or were they are visiting. There is a lot of ways to travel for example air, rail, ferry, bus, taxi, car and coach.

Types of Tourism

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